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Prof. Dr. phil. Peter Klein

Dean of the M.A. in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance


Touro College Berlin

Touro College Berlin
Campus Am Rupenhorn
Am Rupenhorn 5
14055 Berlin
+49(0)30 – 300 686 0
+49(0)30 – 300 686 39

Prof. Dr. Peter Klein studied contemporary history, political sciences and scientific librarianship in Erlangen and Berlin. Since 1992 he had worked free-lance for the memorial House of the Wannsee Conference. A project assistant at the Hamburg Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Culture since 1997, he has widely published about the history of camps and ghettos.

At the Hamburg Institute for Social Research (2001–2004) he curated the new exhibition “Verbrechen der Wehrmacht” at eight stations, served as science adviser for the Wannsee Memorial’s permanent exhibition as well as for the Police University’s historical exhibition.

He has published documentary editions on the Holocaust and served as an expert witness for social courts concerning survivor’s pensions from work in ghettos. Currently he is researching the life of the former German minister of defence (1920-1928), and about guilt and insight of convicted West-German Nazi criminals in jail (1960–1970).