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Public screening: Die Oper "Infinite now" .

06.04.2019 | 18:00

von Chaya Czernowin in Anwesenheit der Komponistin mit anschließender Diskussion.

Veranstalter: nemtsov&nemtsov - Raum für Kunst und Diskurs

CHAYA CZERNOWIN (born in 1957 in Haifa, Israel) is one of the most distinguished composers of our days and since 2009 Professor of Music at Harvard University. Her recent opera INFINITE NOW (2017) fuses two very different resources. The first resource is a collection of materials from first world war (Luk Perceval's “Front”, including fragments of Remarque’s “Nothing new on the western front”) and the second resource is “Homecoming” by Can Xue, a short story about a woman who comes into a house she cannot leave. Both resources enact situations which exist on the cusp of an imminent disaster. As the opera draws these situations nearer to each other they transform into contemplation about that which makes us survive and continue in times of peril. Commissioned by and performed at Vlaamse Opera Gent and Antwerp, Belgium, Mannheim National Theater, Germany, and IRCAM Philharmonie de Paris, France. To read more about the opera please visit: http://chayaczernowin.com/infinite-now

Zeit & Ort

06.04.2019 | 18:00

nemtsov&nemtsov, Witzlebenstr. 38, 14057 Berlin