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Leo Baeck Summer University (LBSU) 2019  "Jewish Berlin - Present and Past"

Veranstalter: Selma Stern Zentrum für Jüdische Studien Berlin-Brandenburg

Deadline: April 01, 2019

Ort: Sophienstraße 22a, 10178 Berlin, Raum 1.01
Kontakt: info@lbsu.de 

News vom 24.01.2019

The interdisciplinary Leo Baeck Summer University aims at doctoral students from all disciplines, who deal with aspects of Jewish Berlin in their dissertations. The focus will be on applying theoretical approaches and research results to the fields of Jewish history, literature, and culture in Berlin. Along with intensive workshops, the participating students are required to present and discuss their own research projects. The final program will be developed in accordance with the participants’ research topics. Guest lecturers will address and analyze them in one-day workshops. The summer school will be conducted in English.

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