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CfA: Vienna‐Jerusalem Graduate School 2021. The Place of Memory – Memory in Place

Deadline for Application: August 20, 2021

News vom 29.07.2021

October 6‐10, 2021 – Vienna, Austria

The Center for Austrian Studies at the European Forum at the Hebrew University and the Austrian Academy of Sciences/Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History invite early postdocs, PhD candidates, and advanced Master’s students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and universities in Austria to apply for the third Vienna‐Jerusalem Graduate School. This joint project offers the opportunity to present and discuss current research projects in the fields of memory studies, media studies, history, political science, German studies, and Austrian studies with fellow early career scholars and international experts.
The third Vienna‐Jerusalem Graduate School focuses on the complex relationship between space and memory. Museums, memorials, and historical heritage sites play a significant role in a variety of forms of remembering. They are often conceptualized as ‘contact points’ between past and present, establishing a specific relationship with historical experiences and memories. Such places of memory, however, are often also ‘contested spaces.’ As such, they entail different, sometimes conflicting memories and perspectives. Such difficult multilayered heritage sites challenge traditional ways of conceptualizing the past as a reference point for national historical narratives and identity. As experiential, transnational, and transcultural spaces, they invite different practices of appropriation.
As destroyed, devastated, or forgotten places, many historical sites also raise the question of how to explore and make sense of historical traces and material remains. A recent ‘forensic’ turn shifted our perspective towards the role of memory at such sites. On the other hand, new digital technologies offer unforeseen ways of accessing distant places, of reconstructing vanished historical structures, and of augmenting spatial commemorative environments. By means of digital technology and media, different forms of engaging with historical sites, even from afar, have become possible.
We invite proposals dealing with memory in relation to the concept of place, including museums, monuments, memorials, urban topographies, historic sites, virtual environments, augmented landscapes, and social media spaces. We are especially interested in discussing the intersections between memory and space as they enfold in particular places of memory as well as practices of placing memories.

Proposals referring to the following three interrelated fields are particularly welcome:

  •  The role of space as a contact point between past and present, enabling modes of co‐presence and shared experience;
  •  The interaction between space, sound, images and material objects in commemorative environments;
  •  The digital expansion of (commemorative) space through virtual reality, augmented reality, digital media, and digital environments (including social media).

The successful candidates are required to actively participate in the Vienna‐Jerusalem Graduate School and present their research in a fifteen‐minute oral presentation. Confirmations will be sent by the end
of August. The organizing institutions will cover flight expenses and accommodation costs in Vienna
for participants from Israel. We will also try to subsidize transportation and accommodation expenses
for participants from Austria. Financing remains subject to final approval.

Language: English

Organization team:
Tobias Ebbrecht‐Hartmann (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Ljiljana Radonić (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Heidemarie Uhl (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Application: Please send a one page proposal together with an up‐to‐date CV to:

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