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Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies invites applications for 2 Doctoral Fellowships, 2 Postdoctoral Fellowships, 7–9 Senior Fellowships

Application deadline: December 10, 2020

News vom 30.10.2020

The Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies (MCAS) at Universität Hamburg would like to invite researchers to apply for its junior and senior fellowship programme for the academic year 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022.

Topic: Language and Scepticism (2021–22)
In the academic year 2021–22, MCAS will focus on the relationship between language and scepticism. The ability of language to represent and communicate “truth” has been challenged by sceptical arguments throughout the history of thought. Within the confines of active religions that are founded upon sacred texts, of which Judaism is the earliest, the sceptical challenge becomes crucial to the soundness of tradition. The investigation of scepticism in the context of language will be conducted from three angles: (1) the status of sacred texts; (2) language and meaning; and (3) the place of translation in the transmission of knowledge.
The successful candidate’s project should resonate productively with the annual topic as described. Priority will be given to projects dealing with the (early) modern period.

Successful applicants (junior and senior fellowship programme) are asked to take up residence in Hamburg, to carry out research at MCAS, to actively attend events, and to take part in the centre’s activities.

Funding is subject to the terms and conditions of MCAS regulations, following suggestions made by Universität Hamburg. For further information, please contact MCAS (contact details see below).

Application Procedure

Applicants are requested to submit the following documents in one PDF file in English:

  • A completed application form (link: PDF)
  • A research proposal of two to three pages, including the project’s relationship to the annual topic, the status quaestionis of the chosen topic, the candidate’s prior research that is relevant to the proposed topic, a detailed programme of work including a timetable, and a description of the expected form of the outcome of the project
  • A full CV and up-to-date publications list (max. 5 pages)
  • A transcript of records/master’s certificate (PhD fellowship) or PhD diploma (postdoctoral fellowship)

In addition, two letters of recommendation (junior fellows only; for the PhD fellowship, one of the letters must be written by the PhD supervisor) must be sent directly to MCAS by the referees.

Applications and recommendation letters must be submitted via email by 10 December 2020 to lilian.tuerk@uni-hamburg.de
Acceptance letters will be sent out in February 2021.

MCAS aims to increase the number of women in advanced academic positions and strongly encourages women to apply. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by MCAS’s advisory board.

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